Treatment Options

Treatment options  are determined in several ways.
It is important that you understand the limitations of these non surgical interventions. If you are happy, mature, and simply want to invest in your health and youth to look and feel your best, then yes this is for you!

If you are an unhappy person looking for a fix to improve your life or a relationship, this is not for you! If you aren’t sure, we are happy to provide a consultation to determine if you might benefit from aesthetic medicine services we provide. If we can’t help, we will gladly refer you to someone who can!

Our Approach:
Experts agree there are 3 ways to provide non surgical total facial rejuvenation: neuromodulators (botox/dysport), volumizers (fillers) and laser resurfacing to stimulate collagen growth and renewal. Fortunately, we can provide this safely, comfortably and conveniently in our office!

Also more accurately called “Sun Spots” or “Solar Lentigos”, these benign brown spots usually show up on your face and hands after age 40. They are caused by too much unprotected sun exposure over the years. Although not dangerous, they can be cosmetically unappealing and distracting.

Sun spots can be effectively treated with our Candela V-Beam Perfecta pulsed-dye laser. This may require 3-5 treatments, although many individuals notice a significant reduction of spots after just 2 treatments. Other treatment options available at Professional Skin Solutions include cryotherapy (freezing with a liquid nitrogen spray), microdermabrasion, topical lightening serums and professional peels – all are conveniently available right in our office!

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Our youthful appearance has two enemies…age and gravity! As we age, our skin becomes less smooth and elastic. Our natural cheek fat atrophies and fades away… collagen disappears…and, thanks to gravity, our youthful face “falls down”-cheeks sag, excess skin droops, and wrinkles form. What was once a “triangle of youth” becomes the “pyramid of age”.

With the advent of fillers such as Perlane, Restylane and Radiesse, we can safely and aesthetically replace the volume lost during the aging process and restore a youthful balance and proportion to your face without the need for surgery.

Fillers are used to soften wrinkles, restore cheek volume, restore fullness to the temporal region, fill in dark circles under the eyes and restore volume to the lips. See our gallery for before and after pictures of our patients.

Safe and effective, with minimal downtime, this may be your best option to achieve full correction of volume loss and create a youthful appearance!

13094368-16768900-thumbnailMelasma is a patchy brown discoloration of the face, usually affecting the cheeks, but sometimes involving the forehead, upper lip and chin. It is most commonly seen in women between 20-50 years of age and is frequently seen in Hispanics, Asians and people of Middle Eastern descent.

Melasma is caused by a variety of conditions – years of unprotected sun exposure is the leading cause – but other factors such as hormone replacement therapy, birth control pills, certain medications, pregnancy and genetic factors play a role.

The best way to treat Melasma is with non-aggressive professional peels, gentle microderm abrasion and topical products to safely and aesthetically lighten the skin.

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Have your cheeks and nose become more red with each passing year? You may have rosacea, a skin condition that primarily affects fair-skinned individuals between the age of 30-65. Tiny blood vessels on the skin become inflamed and enlarged, making your cheeks and face look flushed or “rosey”. Sometimes red bumps and pimples can form, which can be mistaken for acne.


Rosacea can be aggravated by drinking alcohol, caffeinated drinks, and eating spicy foods, or chocolate. Sun exposure, stress, extreme temperatures , wind and vigorous exercise can also worsen facia redness caused by Rosacea.

There are many treatment options available for Rosacea. We favor a combination of prevention, topical products to decrease inflammation and cleanse the skin, and pulsed-dye laser treatments. Our Candela V-Beam Perfecta laser is nationally recognized as the best laser treatment modality for Rosacea – see our gallery– the pictures say it all!

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A common treatment for unsightly leg spider veins is sclerotherapy. Veins are injected with a FDA approved solution which causes them to collapse and fade. 2-5 sessions may be required to obtain maximum benefit. During sclerotherapy, the sclerosing agent is injected into spider veins with a small needle. The procedure time takes from 15-60 minutes, depending on how many spider veins are treated. Treatments are performed right in our own office and are scheduled 4 weeks apart for optimal results. Call for a complimentary consultation today and let us get you ready to show your legs again!
Fortunately modern science gives us options that weren’t available to our mothers and fathers.  We can actually do something about those lines and wrinkles.


Three Categories of Patients:

  • Age 18-35Acne treatment, wrinkle fillers and Dysport/Botox treatments, skin care regimen, sunblock, aesthetic lip and facial feature enhancement
  • Age 35-55Skin treatments to slow the perimenopausal skin changes of aging and create youthful skin and lips-treatment options include: fillers, laser resurfacing, rosacea laser treatment, Botox/Dysport, peels.
  • Age 55+Restoration of healthy skin, brown spot treatments, facial redness using laser, peels, fillers, botox/dysport