What can these products do for me?

Facial wrinkles and frown lines form over years because of the muscle movements used in everyday normal facial expressions. By safely targeting specific facial muscles, the muscle is prevented from contracting, thus preventing wrinkles from worsening, and making them less noticeable at rest. This can be done safely, while still preserving your ability to express yourself!

For example, the before and after picture of one of our patients shown below. It demonstrates an excellent aesthetic result from a single Dysport/Botox treatment of forehead wrinkles. The patient is in her mid-30’s and desired less noticeable forehead wrinkles at rest and with facial muscle movement. She realized that, if left untreated, these lines would become permanent as she grows older. A few days after a single treatment to the forehead, she has perfect results. Beautiful! She is no longer able to wrinkle her forehead, but the other muscles of facial expression are functioning normally, for a very natural, aesthetically pleasing result.

(Dysport/Botox) has been used safely in millions of patients worldwide to reduce and in some cases eliminate facial wrinkles. Botulinum toxin A (Dysport) provides temporary weakening of muscles that cause wrinkles of the face – frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet.

This natural purified protein temporarily blocks nerve impulses to the muscle. After about 80-103 days, the Botulinum A molecule goes away, and normal muscle function is restored.

At Professional Skin Solutions, we are skilled in precise injections with minimal discomfort to provide wrinkle reduction and softening of facial features. We use the tiniest needle available and are dedicated to reducing the discomfort of the treatment. You will look relaxed and younger…there is no risk of a “frozen face”!

As another example, below is a before and after picture of one of our patients, in her mid-40’s, who desired reduction of her frown lines. After a single treatment, the vertical frown lines are reduced perfectly, while preserving the muscles of facial expression, leaving her with a natural yet less worried appearance. With repeated treatments, the effect lasts longer, so fewer office visits are necessary, and the wrinkles eventually fade or are eliminated completely.


Duration of effect varies from person to person, but on average lasts 80-103 days; with repeat treatments, doses can be spaced out over longer periods of time to maintain smoother skin and reduce or prevent wrinkles from forming.

Dysport and Botox are the same medicine made by different companies. (Kind of like Motrin or Advil – they both are ibuprofen). We have both Neuromodulators available anytime.